Kailey’s Ridge Underway! Hunters Creek Residents React

 At first, there were a lot of rumors and speculation among Hunters Creek residents about a new subdivision that may or may not be built. However, over the past year or so the question is more about “when” it will happen and not “if” it will happen.

 The long-anticipated subdivision of Kailey’s Ridge in Hunters Creek is now an undeniable reality. Bulldozers are hard at work clearing out tens of thousands of trees along with the wildlife that once called those trees home. There are mixed feelings among residents of Hunters Creek and most aren’t particularly happy about the development of the new subdivision. Residents of the neighboring subdivision “Westshire” are especially displeased about having to trade in their view of what was once a conservation area for what will soon be an extension of Town Center Blvd.

The neighborhood of 127+ homes that are scheduled to be completed over the course of the next couple of years is already in high demand for people who have been wanting to live in the much sought after “Hunters Creek“.  Hunter’s Creek has been voted the 21st best place to live in the entire US for 2013 so it’s no wonder houses that get put up for sale don’t usually last too long on the market.

From my understanding, prices on these new homes That will be built by Surrey Homes and Ryan Homes will start in the high 300s into the high 400s.

 Increased traffic is also a concern for existing residents. Being a Hunters Creek resident myself, I’ve always liked the fact that Town center Blvd dead ends in Hunters Creek. It provides an extra sense of security just knowing that there’s only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood. This will no longer be the case. Just the other day I went on a bike ride with my 2 boys into that area and the road that goes around the construction area runs parallel to 417 South all the way to international Dr…I think… we got tired of riding and turned around once we saw the exit to Disney World.


Being an Orlando realtor as well as a resident of Hunters Creek, I also have mixed feelings about the new development. On one hand, it’s good for business because we’ll have more opportunities for buying and selling houses in Hunters Creek, but at the same time, the increased traffic, schools being more crowded, loss of wildlife conservation, etc. is just not exactly ideal for the neighborhood I call home.

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The Villages Shines as the Fastest Growing Metropolitan in the US

According to a report released by the US Census Bureau on Thursday, March 27, “The Villages” is the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the US. The population census report reveals that over the 12-month period spanning from July 2012 to July 2013 – The Villages registered an impressive population growth of 5.2 percent, the highest in the US.


The top 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas

1.    The Villages, Florida
2.    Midland, Texas
3.    Odessa, Texas
4.    Bismarck, North Dakota
5.    Fargo, North Dakota
6.    Casper, Wyoming
7.    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
8.    Austin, Texas
9.    Daphne, Alabama
10.  Fort Myers, Florida

Technically, The Villages is not a metropolitan city, but only an unincorporated community of retirement homes, stretching across the Sumter, Marion and Lake counties. It is, however, widely acknowledged as a city since it is home to more than 107,000 citizens. This is nearly twice as much as the benchmark population of cities (50,000 people).


The Villages Responsible for Six cities Experiencing high growth

According to top Orlando realtors, the 5.2 percent increase in population can be attributed to the community’s improving facilities for seniors. Real estate agents who have worked in The Villages have revealed that the community has been witnessing a surge in the number of seniors and retirees. Warm temperatures, selection of executive golf courses, parks, fitness trailers, and the increasing number of “Neighborhood” and “Regional Centers” are some of the factors influencing this trend.

Six areas around the Greater Plains and the metropolitan region near the Gulf Coast were included among the 10 fastest-growing cities. The cities include Odessa, Austin-Round Rock and Midland in Texas, Fargo in Minnesota, and Bismarck and Casper. Rich in oil and gas, these metros witnessed a rapid growth in population primarily because of the energy boom.

Promising future for the Orlando real estate market

The recent report has left Orlando realtors with fresh hopes and a positive outlook for the rest of 2014 with respect to the real estate market in Central Florida.

Baby boomers from all over the nation are flocking to Florida’s much-talked-about retirement homes just northwest of Orlando. Further, residential projects like the $56 million apartment complex at Crescent Central Station, the 800 luxury apartments to be constructed by BentleyForbes Del American, and the Winter Park Village projects, are expected to bring in a lot of business for Orlando realtors.


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Orlando Realty Ranks Second In The U.S. with Highest All-cash Sales

A recent report by the real estate brokerage firm, ORC, has left Orlando real estate agents reveling. The report, released Wednesday, March 26, listed Orlando second in the US in terms of non-financed sales of real estate in 2013.

ORC’s analysis of the state of all-cash sales in the US

For the analysis, ORC studied all of its real estate transactions over the two-year period, spanning from January 2012 to December 2013. It found that 26 percent of all real estate purchasing done through ORC had been completed via cash. Further, an impressive 25 percent of all residential properties purchased in 2013, through the same firm, had also been completed in cash.

According to the report, the top five metro areas with the highest concentration of all-cash real estate transactions are:

1.    Las Vegas – 48 percent all-cash sales
2.    Orlando – 43 percent all-cash sales
3.    Chicago – 33 percent all-cash sales
4.    Richmond, Va. – 32 percent all-cash sales
5.    Los Angeles – 29 percent all-cash sales

Dynamic market conditions facilitate all-cash purchasing

The trend of making all-cash purchases of real estate properties has been picking up pace over the last few years – a trend that top Orlando realtors have not only witnessed in the Orlando real estate market but also cherished.

Non-financed deals are typically faster to close and preferred by sellers. The Orlando-based firm lists two market conditions as primary triggers of increased all-cash purchases:

    Historically low levels of housing inventory
    Increased investments and investor activities in the housing market

True enough. Investors backed by large institutions possess the financial ability to write checks for homes. With several big-budget luxury residential apartments coming up in the metro area, Orlando real estate agents can expect to bank in all-cash deals in 2014 too.

Residential projects like the $56 million apartment complex at Crescent Central Station, the 800 luxury apartments to be constructed by BentleyForbes Del American, and the Winter Park Village projects, are expected to bring in a lot of business for Orlando realtors. If the trend of high all-cash sales in Orlando continues, 2014 will be a good year for them.

But all is not so well

ORC also found that one in every four sales of real estate properties made by the firm in the two-year period closed as an all-cash deal. Now 1-in-4 appears to be a rather good fraction. However, the fact is that All-cash sales are decreasing in magnitude. Back in 2010, the percentage of all-cash sales was 27. In 2011, it went down to 25.6 percent and has been decreasing every subsequent year.



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Real Estate Development near Orlando Fashion Square

Orlando is the hub for Hollywood-based theme parks, amazing nightlife, the world’s biggest multinational companies, and without a doubt, awesome shopping destinations.  The Orlando Fashion Square is one of the biggest and best shopping malls located in downtown Orlando and attracts many locals and tourists from around the world. It also has a cinema multiplex, owned by Premiere Cinemas which opened in 2005.

Orlando Apartment construction proposal near Fashion Square

Due to its prime location, real estate development near Orlando fashion square is on the rise. One Orlando real estate developer was interested in a site for the construction of a 450-unit apartment complex, situated near the mall. However, neighboring residents of Audubon Place condos raised concerns of accumulating traffic. Nearby residents, including city officials, said that traffic and congestion have to be taken into consideration before approval of any new construction, among other factors. Residents also fear that a four-story building will take away that neighborhood feel. Orlando is still deliberating on this subject.

Revamping of Orlando Fashion Square Mall

Orlando realtors are looking to establish a new building by Westin Hotel in the Orlando fashion square mall area, which is inviting a lot of speculation. The entire project, estimated at $25 million, and to be undertaken by UP Development Inc., includes revamping the entire property, relocating tenants, demolishing that area, and building the hotel lobby, restaurants, and a day spa, with the hotel rooms above that. Orlando industrial guru, John Crossman supports the addition of a reputed hotel inside the mall, as nowadays the trend of having boutique stores inside malls is slowly disappearing. Crossman gives three reasons why he believes a hotel inclusion is a smart move for the mall:

•    A hotel attracts more tourists who are willing to spend more money.
•    Hotel visitors are far less likely to return purchased items at the mall due to lack of time.
•    A hotel consumes a lot of retail space which is preferable since there is a lack of retailers.

With the revamp already in place, residents have already begun shifting. During the interior demolition of the mall, some tenants, like the Coliseum of Comics and Champs, were relocated into other spaces. The second story of the mall will now accommodate a new 17,049 square foot Strike Outs bowling arcade and a Hershey’s Shake Shoppe, owned by UP Development. The mall is also partners with Orlando Magic.

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Orlando Realty Welcomes Claudio Lemes To The Team

Claudio Lemes Orlando Realtor  BIO

Bringing extensive knowledge of the real-estate market interior, exterior painting and construction to his position as a talented and respected Orlando Realtor. Fully Bilingual, Claudio offers his clients an outstanding level of service. His diverse training and work ethics give him an opportunity to excel at every level of the real estate transaction.  

Prior to earning his Realtor license, Claudio concentrated in customer satisfaction sessions and seminars to become a master in the field. Combining his strong painting and construction background extensive experience as a full-time Realtor and dedication to ongoing education in his field. Claudio provides an unsurpassed choice for anyone ready to purchase or sell a home.

Known by clients and colleagues alike for his tenacity, perseverance, honesty, and fairness. Claudio also enjoys a stellar reputation for quick, timely responses to each client’s needs and concerns. His telephone and email are always at hand. The result of that consummate professionalism is his extensive portfolio of referrals from past and present clients.

In addition, Claudio credits the values instilled in him by his parents. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina he moved to Orlando Florida in his early twenties for a better life. He attended local schools and traveled to Argentina to visit family at times. Claudio and his wife are raising a teenager who enjoys science, basketball, and the arts.

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