What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

A Typical Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

Technically, as defined in the Cambridge Dictionary, a real estate agent is someone whose business is to arrange the selling or buying of homes, vacant land, offices, or buildings for the sellers or buyers. Technically, it’s an accurate definition, however, it doesn’t tell you everything a real estate agent does on a day-to-day basis.

In my world as a Real Estate Broker, each day is different and unique; while this can seem to be an appealing aspect of being a real estate professional, it can be quite challenging, depending on the Realtor’s skill and experience level. So, exactly what does a Realtor do on a typical day?

Managing a Real Estate Brokerage

The majority of real estate agents [especially newbies] typically work inside an office provided by the broker that employs them. This is good in the sense that they can discuss opportunities and exchange ideas with their co-workers, get updates on new listings, as well as discuss buyers’ and sellers’ needs.

There are quite a few administrative tasks that occur every day at the core of a successful real estate brokerage. Depending on the size of the brokerage they may have someone who works as an administrator to make sure an office is a well-oiled machine.

A good Realtor

  • Stays current on local and regional market activity and industry news.
  • Consistently researches active, pending, and sold listings in their farm area.
  • Maintains, completes, submits, and files any paperwork, such as real estate contracts, records, etc. with the proper agencies.
  • Coordinates and schedules appointments, showings, open houses, and any meetings with clients and other agents.
  • Develops and implements marketing plans for listings and creates marketing materials like fliers and other promotional materials.
  • Responds to incoming emails and phone calls
  • Keeps their website updated with fresh content and is active on social media and real estate blogs.

Most successful real estate agents hire an assistant to assist with the day-to-day activities, allowing the agent or broker to focus on more important activities.

Real Estate Agents Sell Themselves In Addition To Selling Homes

Being able to consistently attract new clients is crucial to the success of a real estate agent. Below are a few ways a real estate agent can attract new clients:

Marketing Themselves. Competition is fierce in the world of real estate. A successful agent should have a niche in their local real estate market and become an expert in that niche. This helps differentiate agents out there and what they specialize in. A successful real estate agent has a monthly budget set for marketing themselves through their website, fliers, video, and pay-per-click advertising.

Generating Leads. Generating leads via networking with other real estate agents as well as anyone else they come in contact with such as friends, family, business associates, and so on is an extremely valuable asset to a successful Realtor.

Treating Everyone as a Prospect. Everyone lives in a home, condo, townhouse, or apartment. Therefore, to a real estate agent, anyone they meet will eventually need to buy, sell or rent a home. A real estate agent spends a substantial amount of time cultivating leads and meeting with potential buyers and sellers.

Listing Agents

Listing agents specialize in working with homeowners who need to sell their homes. They have a responsibility to understand the needs of a seller with every new listing.

They must demonstrate to the homeowner their knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills. A successful listing agent must be an expert at researching the current market activity and comparable properties to determine an accurate listing price for your property. Here are some of the responsibilities of a listing agent.

  • Staging The Home: It’s the agent’s responsibility to advise the seller on tips to make sure the home shows off it’s best features during showings. A bit of de-cluttering and some touch up paint can go a long way in making a home look its best. Depending on the situation, you may want to have the home fully staged prior to listing it.
  • Take Quality Photographs: The listing agent is required to take [or hire somebody to take] quality photos inside and out in order to prepare a proper listing presentation and advertising materials. In addition.
  • Pre-screening and Negotiating With Potential Buyers: Your listing agent is in charge of making sure potential buyers are pre-qualified before showing the house. Once you have secured a qualified buyer the agent will be in charge of helping negotiate the best price.

Buyers Agents

Buyers agents are real estate agents that specialize in working with buyers. Their responsibilities include meeting with potential buyers to determine what their real estate needs are as well as to help them get pre-qualified for a mortgage if needed.

Once the agent knows exactly what the potential buyer is looking for, they will alert the buyer as soon as a property meeting their needs hits the market and schedule a showing.

Another option that agents utilize to narrow down a search for a buyer or to perform research on the competition for sellers is the MLS tour. This allows agents and brokers to quickly gather first-hand knowledge on several available properties in the local market.

Developing Your Skills
Although continuing education is a requirement to maintain a real estate license, it is also an opportunity to develop the skills that will keep an agent at the top of their game or open a door to new real estate opportunities within the regional or local market. Continual development is crucial to the long-term success of real estate agents and brokers. Continuing education not only widens their scope of expertise, but also improves their proficiency, knowledge, and marketability as real estate professionals.

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The Ways it Pays to Work with an Orlando Realtor

Are you thinking about buying or selling an Orlando home on your own so you can try to save yourself a few thousand dollars? If so, then this post is for you…

Go SOLO or hire an Orlando Realtor?

Some people believe that it’s no big deal to buy or sell a house on your own. They think it’s a pretty basic process to buy or sell a home in Orlando when in reality, there’s a whole list of things that need to happen throughout the process… for both buyers and sellers.

Here’s a checklist of the things your Orlando Realtor will help you with throughout the buying or selling process.

  • Determine how much you can afford to pay for a home.
  • Help check your credit report.
  • Price your existing home with a market expert.
  • Put existing house on market and decide where to advertise to reach best potential buyers.
  • Schedule appointments to show current home or to see new ones.
  • Host open houses to sell your existing home.
  • Find a new home for you with all the features you want.
  • Investigate school system as well as research neighborhoods and local amenities.
  • Analyze comparable home sales before making an offer on new home.
  • Meet home and pest inspectors for review of your current home.
  • Negotiate the terms of sale or purchase, including repairs or concessions.
  • Help you choose mortgage lender.
  • Help you obtain title insurance.
  • Help you obtain homeowners’ insurance.
  • Review your HUD [Closing Disclosure] statement and approve closing costs.
  • Coordinate your closing with lender and title company.
  • Conduct final walk-throughs with you of the home.
  • Review and sign closing documents.
  • Review homeowners’ association documents for new home.
  • Consider offers for current home.
  • Order the title search.
  • Get the signed contract to the seller.
  • Hire attorney or title company to complete closing research.
  • Hire surveyor to do a survey if needed.

Hiring an Orlando Realtor

I’m sure most of you who were going to sell on your own have probably changed your mind after reading this post. If you haven’t, then at least you’ll know what to expect moving forward with the process. If you aren’t sure and would like to speak to an Orlando Real Estate Broker, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 407-902-7750. Or just visit us at

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7 Reasons Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Home in Orlando

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Buy A Home in Orlando

As a Realtor in Orlando, I’m constantly being asked by potential buyers whether or not they should wait to buy a home in Orlando…They ask me things like “Should I hold out for a great deal?”… “Am I better off renting?”. The truth is that no one can predict what the future holds and all we can do is see what’s happening now and see where things are going. In my opinion, people who are thinking about buying a home in Orlando, FL shouldn’t wait. Here are some reasons why…

1- Higher than normal rent prices- The rent prices in Orlando are getting higher and higher, even faster than median home prices. This is especially true with homes in Orlando and other parts of Central Florida. This means that if you’re able to buy now you’ll probably be paying less on a mortgage payment than you would in rent.

2- Mortgage rates are still low– If you have a decent credit score and a steady job, you’re probably in good shape to get favorable terms on a home mortgage.

3- Cheaper to buy than rent- If you can qualify for a mortgage loan and you can get a payment that’s less than you’re paying in rent, then it’s a no-brainer. This is especially true if you’re a first-time home buyer and can qualify for down payment assistance.

4- Low mortgage rates won’t last– Unfortunately, we are arriving at the end of an era of lower than normal mortgage rates combined with moderate pricing on Orlando homes. Home prices are expected to rise soon as are the mortgage rates.

5- Personal income levels are on the rise– Florida’s economy is strong which means unemployment rates are low and people are making good steady incomes. Studies show that Floridians are staying at their jobs longer which means they understand the importance of holding on to a steady job.

6- Demand still exceeds supply- This means that Orlando home prices will continue to rise. By waiting it will be more difficult to find the ideal home at a price that’s affordable to you.

7- Millennials are arriving at their home-buying years- Millennials represent a huge group of Floridians and now that they are entering their peak home-buying age it will surely tighten the supply of  Orlando homes on the market.

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Short Sales In Orlando Still Rank Near The Top In U.S.

Although short sales in Orlando have dwindled in recent years, Central Florida still ranks as one of the top regions in the US having the most short sale listings.

Ironically, “short sales” can take a very long time to complete. These are homes in which the bank is willing to entertain a lower amount than what’s owed on the mortgage, in order to recoup most of their money.

More than 1 in every ten homes that were sold in the Orlando area in the last quarter of 2016 area was a short sale listing. The only other areas that had a higher short sale rate in the state of Florida were Fort Myers and Lakeland.

When short sales first became popular after the market crash of 2007, banks were willing to accept a much bigger loss than is the case today. This meant that investors and rehabbers like me were enjoying much larger profits than is the case with short sales today.

These days banks want as close to full market value as they can get. Many times these listings only make sense if you plan on moving into the house and making repairs yourself.

As an Orlando real estate investor, I make several offers on short sale listings every week most of which get denied for being too low. When buying a property as an investment home to resale you have to consider all the costs involved like repairs, closing costs, marketing, staging, etc. After doing the math, I can tell you that most short sale listings right now in Orlando are way… way overpriced for investors to make any money on them.

Certified distressed Property Expert

Banks are realizing that if they just let the home go to foreclosure, they can sell it for closer to market value instead of accepting a low-ball offer from an investor. Orlando short sales are ending up being auctioned off online auction these days more than ever. This strategy also allows these lenders to expose their property to anyone in the world with a computer.

Orlando’s continued distinction for short sales is a clear indication of how depressed this area’s housing market was just a few short years ago. At that time, there were more Orlando short sales and foreclosures than there were traditional sales. It has taken several years to push these distressed Orlando properties out of the pipeline.

Now that market conditions have been steadily improving, more homeowners are able to sell their homes at a profit. And for homeowners that are a bit underwater are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that will allow them to hang in there instead of having to come up with the difference at the closing.

For homeowners that are deeply underwater that are still at risk of losing their home to foreclosure, a short sale is still their preferred alternative because it does a lot less damage to the homeowner’s credit. They can also walk away with less debt and even come away with a few thousand bucks in their pocket for relocation costs.

I can tell you from experience as an Orlando Realtor and investor that short sales are no longer the deals they once were. Banks are being harder negotiators than ever and if they don’t get their number, they have no problem foreclosing.

Buyers who want to use the home as their primary residence and are willing to pay close to market value can still get a slight discount buying an Orlando short sale. However, for most retail buyers when they hear the word “short sale”, they usually pass because they know that short sale lenders can take a long time to respond and there’s never a guarantee that they will accept your offer.

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Storytelling Sells Homes for Top Dollar!

Creating an emotional attachment for your home can get it sold faster than you can say, Uncle.

Out of the blue, we received a call from potential clients, Doug and Barbara, about them wanting us to list their home for them in Downtown Orlando. They were referred to us by Doug’s parents Rick and Helen.

Three years ago we helped Rick and Helen sell their home in Whisper Lakes and they were very happy with the results we delivered both as Orlando Realtors and consultants.

You see, Rick and Helen both understood the process as well as the unique approach we use to sell Orlando homes to produce the biggest profits for our sellers. Unlike some listing clients, they did everything we asked from them to a T and the result was that we broke the record for the neighborhood producing the highest price sale per sq ft in Whisper Lakes. Even to this day, and that was three years ago…

Rick and Helen had already given us the lowdown on their son and daughter-in-law’s situation so we could be prepared. They also mentioned how Doug and Barbara tried selling their home several times before with no success. So, my first move was to look up their home in Downtown Orlando, the old expired listing.

Although it was a pretty nice house, there were some fundamental mistakes that I noticed immediately. I also noticed that the real estate agent they used was a friend of mine and we had worked on several deals together over the years. And although he was a friend and a decent agent, he doesn’t have the same approach or the mentality that we have to sell Orlando Real Estate.

Beware of the “List it and Leave it” Realtor…

Unfortunately, he’s one of the thousands of Orlando real estate agents that just list it and leave it. And although he’s a friend, I’m not in the business of sharing my secrets of selling homes for maximum profit with my competition. See, we use a psychological approach to sell homes in Orlando.

When we interview a potential seller, we really put them through the wringer. It’s important to do this so we can find out what our client’s motivation is. Once we have this information, we come up with a strategy and plan so that we can achieve the desired results. Why cause not everyone’s motivation is the same. That’s why every single one of our listing clients gets a completely customized plan of action to achieve their desired result.

Even though the success rate isn’t 100%, by doing this we get results that far exceed our client’s expectations. So when Doug and Barbara came in for their initial consultation, their motivation became crystal clear to me. They had already moved to a different home and didn’t want to continue making two mortgage payments nor did they want to become landlords by renting out the home they vacated.

At this point, they just wanted to sell their Orlando home for top dollar as quickly as possible. You are probably thinking…..Who doesn’t want to sell for top dollar as fast as possible?… Well, not everyone needs to sell immediately.

Some homeowners don’t need to sell immediately. And in that case, they have the luxury of being able to “test the market”. Others are facing foreclosure and need a short sale. Over the years we’ve successfully worked with almost every situation imaginable, we just have to know what the client’s motivation is so we can come up with a game plan.

Back to Doug and Barbara’s story… We came up with a pretty aggressive game plan for them that included some pretty costly repairs and upgrading, like putting in Stone countertops as well as a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting in some rooms. Since we regularly rehab homes in Orlando, we were able to get them reasonable pricing on all the repairs by using our own contractors. This undertaking was not cheap, but 100% necessary for Doug and Barbara to get the results they needed.

After some intense planning and coordinating of schedules between sellers and contractors, the work was done in less than 2 weeks. Once the house was showroom ready it was time to call in our professional photographer (you must have awesome and amazing photos to sell a house for maximum profit). In this particular house, our photographer went out twice at different times of the day just to get the right lighting.

Doug and Barbara were stressed out!

They had questions about the process like…  “Why are we spending money on a house we want to sell?” I asked them to please trust me. And because they were referred to us by Doug’s parents, they did exactly that. I’m very careful to never guarantee anyone specific results, but I do guarantee that by following our recommendations and game-plan, they will be in the best position possible to get the results they need.

Don’t tell anyone but, our “secret” is to try our best to create an emotional attachment between a buyer and the house. In order to do this properly, there are certain steps that you must follow, sometimes it’s something major, sometimes it’s just a little tweaking, all geared towards finding the right emotions of the home.

It’s true, buying a home should be an economical and logical decision and you should try and keep your emotions out of it. However, when I’m working with buyers, despite me warning them about keeping their emotions in check when we’re actively looking at homes, most of them just can’t help getting emotional once they see “the one”. There’s no denying that buying a new home involves EMOTIONS.

This is the top reason we do everything we do… Professional photos, staging, videos, buzz campaign, cookies in the oven at the open house, it’s all choreographed to create an emotional attachment to the home.

This is what most Orlando realtors just don’t understand. They have no understanding of human psychology, therefore they don’t understand emotional trigger points or “hot buttons”. They have no clue about the “rule of 3’s” in telling a story. This means they don’t have a detailed approach to achieve the goal of maximum profits for their clients.

Sellers who want to half-ass what we recommend to do in our initial meeting can’t expect to achieve the highest dollar amount for their home which is something we tell them going in.

I’m very upfront with my seller clients and if they don’t agree with my recommended listing price on their home as-is and they’re not willing to do the needed repairs to get the highest dollar amount, then I wish them all the best and move on.

Note to Sellers: Sellers should beware of listing agents who agree with whatever listing price the seller wants. They’ll just wait for you to get frustrated and drop the price. This can cost the seller thousands in profit!

Back to Doug and Barbara. After all the repairs and upgrades were complete, listing day and the open house were upon us. Our patented “33 step media blitz” campaign always delivers great results for our open houses. In the 12-4 pm window, we had for walk-ins, about 20-25 buyers, buyers agents and of course, tire kickers [that came for free cookies] walk through the home with some very positive comments flying through the air.

It was a great turnout that produced 4 solid offers by the very next day. And I’m happy to say that we got $4,000 over the asking price because it turned into a bidding war [the only kind of war I condone] The sellers even ended up buying about a third of the furniture from our staging company!

I asked the buyers at the closing, what they liked about the house. They said it just blew every other listing they saw out of the water, and they could totally see themselves raising their young family there.

Mission…. Accomplished! We achieved our client’s desired outcome by implementing the power of human emotion.

Few realtors in Orlando understand the power of storytelling and how it can be used to sell houses. We learned a long time ago that conveying your message, principles, and thoughts through telling a story is more powerful and engaging than anything else you could do. That’s why we consider ourselves storytellers that happen to be in the real estate business. If you would like more info on selling for top dollar visit us at https://orlandorealtyconsultants.com/

I hope you enjoyed the story!

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